Why choose us

GPTSocial is striving to be one of the largest and most successful modern Get Paid To platform Unlike many recent sites, who have rehashed the same rehashed sites, and offer nothing new or unique, we are bringing something new and fresh.

Our social networking feature allows you to connect with friends, family and new acquantiences and earn together. Our full feature list will be available when we are ready to open.

A hint of our project

Here is a little preview of what you will be able to do and benefit from when you join GPTSocial.

Survey Opportunities

Turn your opinion into cash by completing any number of survey opportunities available to most locations around the world.

Offers & Offerwalls

Turn your time into some easy money by completing an easy to complete task or download offer

Passive Income

A classic and easy way to earn is to invite new users and earn a commission on all activities that generate revenue.

Social Networking

Build and socialize with people from around the world and compete with and against them for top prizes.

Games & More

Play games, earn achievements, badges, rewards and compete against other members each and every week.

Payments & more

24/7 Ticket Support, Live Chat Support, Easy Payments and many more features to come.

GPTSocial will be opening beta soon!

Our beta phase will be open soon, and we will invite a small number of people to come and help test out the platform. Alongside testing the new platform, we will be looking for feedback and other suggestions before we officially open.

Join the Beta List